Badrinath with Mohanji : Aug 16 - 25, 2017

Badrinath with Mohanji : Aug 16 - 25, 2017
Badrinath with Mohanji : Aug 16 - 25, 2017

Badrinath with Mohanji : Aug 16 - 25, 2017

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We are excited to present to you the upcoming pilgrimage to Badrinath with Brahmarishi Mohanji : Aug 16-25, 2017

- Pray for the salvation of your ancestors by taking a dip in the divine Ganga at Har ki Pauri, the place sanctified by nectar falling from the sky, believed to be visited by Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and that holds a footprint of Lord Vishnu.
- Visit to the Samadhi of Lahiri Mahasaya, Keshav Ashram, Haridwar, a powerful liberated Master who was initiated into Kriya yoga by the great transcendental Master, Mahavatar Babaji.
- Visit to Rishikesh known as a magnet to spiritual seekers and the Yoga Capital of the world and witnessing the Ganga aarti at the spiritually acclaimed Triveni Ghat.
- Visit to Neem Karoli Baba Ashram, a Siddha Purush and staunch devotee of Hanumanji, also known as the mystic saint of North India.
- Visit the most powerful and spiritually enriching Vashishta Gufa (cave) situated on the banks of River Ganga where Sage Vashishta, meditated for hundreds of years and resonate with the saintly vibrations and positivity…an excellent opportunity to reclaim your inner peace and tranquility.
- Visit to Valley of Flowers, a mesmerizing destination for photo lovers and trekkers, it is a splendid opportunity to satiate the nature lover inside you amidst cascading waterfalls enroute, surrounded by Great Himalayas and Zanskar mountain ranges.

Visit to the Tapt Kund, hot water sulfur springs, known for their healing and medicinal properties.
Visit to the famous Badrinath shrine, and soak in the meditative powers of Lord Vishnu along with a chance to witness the **maha-abhishekam being performed on Him.
For the welfare of humanity, the Badrinath Yatra is focused on lessening karmic baggage which can be achieved by performing pind-daan (ancestor ceremony) at the Brahma Kapal Ghat to bring salvation and redemption from sufferings.
Performing tarpan (offering of water) to divine entities.
Witnessing the evening aarti performed for Lord Vishnu followed by chanting of the Vishnu Sahastranama.
Visiting the sacred rock, Charan Paduka, which has imprints of Lord Vishnu’s foot.
Visiting the last village of India, Mana Village where Mahabharata was dictated by Veda Vyas in the Vyas Gufa and penned down by Lord Ganesha in the Ganesh Gufa. River Saraswati, otherwise known famously as the lost river, is seen prominently in Mana.


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