Datta Jayanti with Mohanji – Shirdi 18th – 19th December 2021 – Program Updates

The program started with a warm welcome to the participants, this being the first retreat with Mohanji after December 2019! People from various parts of India as well as from Europe and the USA had gathered for a weekend with Mohanji celebrating the auspicious occasion of Datta Jayanti in Shirdi, the abode of Sai Baba.
Mohanji started the day of Datta Jayanti with annadaan (food donation) to a group of disadvantaged people in Kelwad, a village near Shirdi. The food seva was organised by Ammucare Charitable Trust as part of the Act4Hunger initiative. Over 150 people were served a full delicious meal. This village was chosen since they don’t get much support and often go hungry. The food was prepared fresh by Ammucare’s local team who cooks food daily (as part of Ammucare livelihood project).
The first session was a Group Mai-Tri session – a powerful process of alignment and harmonizing to unhook from stored impressions at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This was followed by the much awaited satsang with Mohanji. Many participants were meeting Mohanji for the first time and their excitement and enthusiasm were palpable in the hall. Mohanji set the tone for the weekend by explaining his core message in the simple words “Be You.” He answered several questions, explained the significance of Datta Jayanti and made the atmosphere one of relaxation and mirth. He answered several questions on the topic of liberation, the role of a Guru, the Dattatreya tradition and more. The answers were grounded in the practical aspects of existence and pursuit of purpose to reach the highest of human potential.
The post-lunch session consisted of a process of self reconnection “Connect to Yourself”, created by Mohanji himself and aimed at taking one to the realm of deepest silence within, where lies the truth, the eternal and immutable consciousness. A second satsang with Mohanji followed by Shaktipat from Mohanji was the perfect way to close the day and fill the participants’ hearts and souls. Mohanji also had many private meetings during the day and as always selflessly gave his time to everyone who requested it.
The second day began with a presentation on Mohanji’s global platforms to explain Mohanji’s global mission of “Adding Value to the World” to people in the audience who were meeting Mohanji for the first time. This was followed by the customary group photo with Mohanji. This had been long missed by people as the experience of arranging people, smiling in unison and posing for the photographer has always been a special moment, quite different from the experience of arranging people together on Zoom windows!
In the morning, Mohanji decided to allocate more time for satsang since there were several pending questions from the first day. The mood was lighter from the start as Mohanji lit up the audience with several humorous anecdotes and stories, while still delivering some of the deepest truths. The discussion lasted for over 2.5 hours before it was time for the rest of the group to receive Shaktipat. Based on people’s requests, Mohanji also agreed to spend more time signing and blessing items for all the participants (who wished) while also answering their questions and posing for individual pictures. The group finally dispersed for lunch after almost 4 hours in the hall.
The afternoon session started with Mohanji’s signature meditation – Power of Purity – for unhooking and shedding internal baggage to feel a sense of lightness. Thereafter, the retreat participants were immersed in a Conscious Dancing session, a technique that is a meditation in motion, aimed at internal alignment on the vertical plane. The session was conducted by our Mohanji Acharya and president of MF Serbia, Monika Nedić. This gave the opportunity to the participants to let go completely through movement and experience the healing powers of dancing in awareness. Several participants experienced this technique for the first time, and as they broke free of their inhibitions, experienced intense release of blocked emotions and a lasting internal silence.
Soon after, it was time to say goodbye to a short but deeply transformative weekend. Several participants shared their experiences and gratitude for this opportunity. The group came in as various individuals who had only met on Zoom earlier and went back as a family, united by their common love for Mohanji and this path as well as a deeper awareness of the higher truths of life.
Team Gurulight extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants from across the world for attending the program. We request you to go to the gallery page to check the images of the program,. Kindly click on the any image, locate and click the View button below the image. This will take you to the SmugMug site where you can view the images and videos.

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