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Karl Marx spoke about the have and the have nots. A third kind always existed in Bharat (ancient India) since time immemorial and continues to this day – those who could have anything but wanted nothing. The Məsts. Remaining always in inner ecstasy and living in complete freedom and abandon, they walk the earth to remind you of your lost glory. To go within. To be in ecstasy within yourself. To be You. To be a Məst.

Learn about these amazing Məsts and the grand Tradition that they represent, through the fascinating life of Atmananda Chaitanya. Atmananda is not just a person. He is a wake-up call. This book may awaken people from the illusions of activities into the lap of beingness, totality and completion. This is the story of a possible journey of an ordinary man from a unit to the Universe. He is everybody. He is everything. He is YOU.

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1 review for Məst – The Ecstatic

  1. Nilish Gupte

    “Who ARE you?” asks the wise master staring at the questioner with a twinkle in his eyes. Confused the man replies with his name. The question is repeated. The man replies with his job title. Again, the question is repeated. The man replies with his job duties. The master asks again “Who are YOU?”.

    We all encounter this question at some point in our lives. The wise ones ask this of themselves earlier than others.

    This question goes deep into our soul, it shatters thru the glass cage we build around us, it regurgitates our past deeds (good and bad), it questions our purpose in life and beyond.

    In his book "Mast the Ecstatic", Mohanji a renowned Himalayan Spiritual Leader, answers the question and numerous others that deal with our concepts of existentialism, the role of spirituality (it is a lifestyle), the paths of non-violence (ahimsa), acceptance of all, equality of all beings, and the mechanisms of karma and reincarnation.

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