Kailash with Mohanji – The Ultimate Pilgrimage of a Lifetime


After 3 long years, the wait is finally over. 2023 brings the ultimate pilgrimage of a lifetime – Kailash with Mohanji!

SAVE THE DATES – 24th July to 8th August 2023

Kailash is the ultimate destination of every human. It is the abode of salvation, the ultimate dissolution. Kailash reflects everything that makes life on earth. Being fulfilled, complete and nullified into the ultimate beingness. Being one with Shiva! Being Shiva! No one ever leaves Kailash empty handed

Global Spiritual Leader and Philanthropist
An unbelievable, magical pilgrimage awaits. A holy dip in Lake Manasarovar facing the awe-inducing Mount Kailash and, optionally, the outer kora (circumambulation) of Mount Kailash plus spending time in front of Mount Kailash on the auspicious Poornima (full moon) day in Shravan, the Hindu month dedicated to connecting with Lord Shiva.
More details will be announced soon.

Shiva beckons. Heed His call for this once-in-a-lifetime experience! What are you waiting for?
Note: Mohanji will arrive with the group in Kathmandu, orient the group and bless them when they leave Kathmandu for the pilgrimage. He will return from Kathmandu and not physically travel further on the pilgrimage. He will, of course, be with the group in consciousness and support them to get the maximum from this journey of a lifetime.

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