Embark on a sacred pilgrimage to Shirdi with Mohanji, a journey that transcends mere physical travel. This transformative experience invites you to delve deep into your spiritual essence as you walk in the footsteps of Sai Baba, the revered saint. Mohanji’s guiding presence throughout this pilgrimage will as a beacon of inner peace and divine connection, enhancing your communion with your inner world. In this hallowed space, miracles unfold, inner barriers crumble, and a profound sense of oneness envelops you. Elevate your soul; find your eternal truth.

Program offerings


Step into a realm of spiritual abundance with a sacred Homa at Shirdi, guided by Mohanji and performed by a Mohanji Acharya. This ancient fire ceremony doesn’t just bless you with love, grace, and well-being—it elevates your entire lineage. Coconuts are offered as symbolic vessels to burn away the karmic baggage of your present life and past incarnations, creating a transformative ripple effect for you and your family.
You can choose to participate in this Homa either online or in-person, paired with either a one-day or three-day experience.

Please be aware that exclusive in-person participation for the Homa is not an option.

One day program

Join us for a magical satsang with Mohanji.

Experience peace and silence through guided meditations with energy transfer. Embrace your inner strength through Conscious Dancing. Feel Mohanji’s boundless grace through Shaktipat. Open up success and prosperity with the Abundance process, and more.

Unlock the transformative power of the ancient sacred fire ceremony (homa) with our exclusive discounted 1-day bundled program. Dive deep and reap the profound benefits of this ceremonial experience.

Three day program

Unlock 3 days of spiritual transformation! Engage in daily satsangs with Mohanji, embark on divine pilgrimages, and explore group Mai-Tri. Experience guided sessions for Forgiveness and Abundance, liberate your spirit through Conscious Dancing, master Gapless Breathing, and receive Shaktipat from Mohanji. Elevate your soul!

  • Daily satsang with Mohanji
  • Divine Trails pilgrimage to Sakori and local power centres
  • Group Mai-Tri
  • Forgiveness / Abundance guided processes
  • Conscious Dancing
  • Shaktipat from Mohanji

Your 3-Day Program Now Includes an Exclusive Sacred Fire Ceremony (Homa)! Experience the transformative power of ancient rituals and elevate your journey with this golden opportunity.

Four day program
  • Embark on a four-day Divine Trails in Shirdi pilgrimage, tracing the sacred journey of Sai Baba as described in Shri Sai Satcharitra.
  • Venture beyond the well-trodden paths to discover lesser-known sites frequented by Sai Baba and his close disciples like Mhalsapati, Shama, and Haji Abdul Baba.
  • Immerse yourself in the spiritual vibrancy of Shirdi by visiting power spots within and outside the town where Sai Baba performed intense austerities.
  • Elevate your spiritual journey with excursions to nearby sanctified locations such as Shani Shingnapur, Nashik, and Trimbak.
  • Go beyond the ordinary to understand the teachings and simple, selfless life of Sai Baba in an unprecedented way.
  • Note: Experience a truly unique Shirdi, authentically connected to Sai Baba’s teachings. However, please be advised that Mohanji will not be participating in this additional four-day Divine Trails of Shirdi pilgrimage.

Discover Shirdi like never before. A once-in-a-lifetime spiritual sojourn awaits.

Seven day program
  • For seekers desiring an unparalleled experience of Shirdi, an exquisite four-day Divine Trails followed by a 3-day program with Mohanji in Shirdi pilgrimage is made available.
  • The sacred fire ceremony (Homa) enriches the offering, included in this special combination.
  • While the 3-day program features Mohanji’s presence, please note he will not participate in the four-day Divine Trails in Shirdi pilgrimage.

A unique, immersive experience of Shirdi, enhanced by Mohanji’s teachings and Sai Baba’s legacy, awaits you.

Program Options

Early bird price valid for all sign ups till 15th October, 2023
Date Program Description Early Bird Price (INR) Regular Price (INR)
In-person Programs
4th to 10th December 2023
7-day program (in - person)
with Homa
INR 55,490
(USD 694 / EUR 642)
INR 61,990
(USD 775 / EUR 717 )
4th to 7th December 2023
4-day Divine Trails of Shirdi pilgrimage
INR 30,490
(USD 381 / EUR 352 )
INR 33,990
(USD 425 / EUR 393 )
8th to 10th December 2023
3-day program (in-person)
with Homa
INR 31,490
(USD 394 / EUR 364 )
INR 34,990
(USD 437 / EUR 405 )
10th December 2023
1-day program with Homa (in-person)
INR 14,990
(USD 187 / EUR 173 )
INR 16,990
(USD 212 / EUR 196 )
10th December 2023
1-day program (in-person)
INR 9,490
(USD 119 / EUR 110 )
INR 11,490
(USD 144 / EUR 133 )
Online/Livestream Programs
10th December 2023
1-day livestream with Homa
INR 11,990 (EUR/USD 141)
10th December 2023
1-day livestream
INR 6,990 (EUR/USD 83)
Homa Only
10th December 2023
Homa only (livestream only)
INR 9,990 (USD/EUR 118)
7-day Program (4th to 10th December 2023)
in-person with Homa
Early Bird Price – INR 55,490 (USD 694 / EUR 642)
Regular Price – INR 61,990 (USD 775 / EUR 717 )
4-day Program (4th to 7th December 2023)
Early Bird Price INR 30,490 (USD 381 / EUR 352 )
Regular Price INR 33,990 (USD 425 / EUR 393 )
3-day Program (8th to 10th December 2023)
Early Bird Price INR 31,490 (USD 394 / EUR 364 )
Regular Price INR 34,990 (USD 437 / EUR 405 )
1-day Program with Homa (10th December 2023)
in-person with Homa
Early Bird Price INR 14,990 (USD 187 / EUR 173 )
Regular Price INR INR 16,990 (USD 212 / EUR 196 )
1-day in-person program (10th December 2023)
Early Bird price INR 9,490 (USD 119 / EUR 110 )
Regular Price INR 11,490 (USD 144 / EUR 133 )
1-day livestream with Homa (10th December 2023)
livestream with Homa
INR 11,990 (EUR/USD 141)
1-day livestream (10th December 2023)
livestream INR 6,990 (EUR/USD 83)
Homa-only livestream (10th December 2023)
Homa only (livestream only)INR 9,990 (USD/EUR 118)


Spiritual Practices

Guided Meditation Sessions
Conscious Dancing
Homa (optional)
Powerful processes with Mohanji Acharyas

Food & Beverage

Gourmet Vegan Lunch
High Tea with Vegan Snacks
Unlimited Herbal Teas and Filtered Water

Learning & Community

Satsang with Mohanji

Amenities & Services

Comfortable Seating Arrangements
Free Wi-Fi
On-site Parking
Goodie bag

Memories for a lifetime

An exclusive link for downloading all your photos from the event, capturing your precious memories for a lifetime


Overnight Stays
Hotel Transfers

Food & Beverage

Breakfast and Dinner
Special Dietary Requests Outside of Vegan Options

Personal Expenses

Shopping or Personal Purchases


Airfare or Transport to the Retreat Location
Local Transportation


Off-site Excursions or Tours
Activities not mentioned in the Retreat Schedule



1. What kind of retreat is this?
This is a non-residential retreat or pilgrimage in Shirdi, meaning accommodations are not provided as part of the program. Attendees are responsible for their own lodging arrangements.
2. Will meals be provided during the retreat?
Yes, we will be providing a vegan lunch and tea during the program. Please note that breakfast and dinner are not included.
3. Can I participate in the Homa (fire ceremony) remotely?
Absolutely! We offer a livestream option for those who would like to participate in the Homa but cannot attend in person. You can also choose to engage with the Homa as part of a 1-day or 3-day in-person program.
4. What activities can I expect during this pilgrimage?
You’ll have a wealth of spiritual offerings to immerate yourself in, including: Satsang with Mohanji Shaktipat from Mohanji Guided Meditations Conscious Dancing Various Processes Conducted by Mohanji Acharyas
5. Are there any special incentives for combining the Homa with other program options?
Certainly! When you choose to experience the Homa as part of either our 1-day or 3-day program, you’ll enjoy an enriched spiritual journey at an exceptional value.
6. Do I need to have prior experience in spiritual practices to join?
No, this pilgrimage is suitable for both beginners and those with more advanced spiritual practices. The teachings and activities are designed to benefit everyone, regardless of their level of experience.
7. How do I register for the program?
Please visit our official website for registration details and secure your spot for this transformative experience.
8. What should I bring with me?
While the core spiritual offerings will be provided, attendees are encouraged to bring personal items like a notebook for journaling, comfortable clothing for physical activities, and any personal medications or essentials.

Starting From

INR 6,990 (EUR/USD 83)

Starting From

INR 6,990 (EUR/USD 83)

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