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The Avadhuta does not speculate or conceptualise. He is Himself That which He speaks about. He is Reality Itself, and thus His every word and every deed reverberate with the knowledge of Reality as It Is. Let it be known — The Avadhuta is Reality Itself.

Avadhuta Gita is a spontaneous hymn that directly communicates the nature of Reality as It is. In this volume, which combines a newly rendered version of the original scripture with a powerful transmission commentary, Jack H. Barratt provides the reader with a profound and tacitly experiential insight into the essence of the Avadhuta Way—The Reality-Path of Lord Dattatreya.
The commentary, which serves as a parallel and complementary text to the original, is itself a rare and refined example of true spiritual writing—a tribute to the tradition of genuine Reality-Utterance. Each phrase flows as a cascading utterance from the very depths of Reality Itself, which necessarily resounds in tones that are both profoundly poetic and philosophically precise.
Written directly from the author’s lived experience of spiritual transformation, this book naturally and powerfully emanates the essence of Reality as It is. Emerging from the very core of the Reality-Path of Lord Dattatreya, each word within this book is for the sincere reader, an invitation into a gradually deepening communion within the Heart of Reality as It is.

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