Heritage Roots Hair Elixir


A secret mix of 19 traditional Herbs, prepared in pure homemade coconut oil. Passed on through generations –  A Complete Hair Solution. An authentic herbal product for healthy happy scalp and hair. The creator of this Herbal hair elixir is an elderly lady from Kerala, India whose family has been using this over generations.

The following benefits are seen by regularly applying the Herbal hair elixir

Cures hair fall – Alopecia, premature hair greying, dandruff and promotes healthy hair growth. 
3 months of use can resolve most of your hair related issues. You can see the difference in hair texture within days of application


Making Of The Oil

Each morning, the lady wakes up very early, picks up the herbs from her backyard herbal garden. She checks every leaf for any spider web or worm. After washing them thoroughly, she then grinds them in a granite mortar and pestle.  The juices are squeezed out of some herbs, while  the the rest are ground into a smooth paste. Later in the day, the  heavy brass vessel called Uruli is warmed up in the firewood stove. The mixture containing the oil and the prepared herbs is kept boiling over a low flame as she continuously stirs it while chanting sacred mantras for a solid 6 hours.

The oil is then taken out of the fire stove, strained using a cotton cloth and the oil is squeezed from the hot pulp. The final result is an oil with a dark green color and a rich earthy fragrance that smells fragrant and smoothly flows into ones hand.

“It is very easy to use a blender or a stove but the subtle elements would be missing”, she says, adding, “You cannot give equal heat to all sides of the oil when you prepare it on a stove. The oil has to be prepared with positive energy and a peaceful mind praying to the creator that the oil should nourish the person who is using it, which enhances the quality of the oil”.

Weight 0.30000000 kg
Dimensions 10.0 × 5.0 × 5.0 cm
Size (ml)



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