JagaMohana – The Oneness of Divinity (From Jagannath to Mohanji)


This book contains honest expressions of love and devotion of the author’s transformation from a devotee of Lord Jagannath to experiencing the Lord in a human form as her Master Mohanji.

This book contains honest expressions of love and devotion that have spilled straight from the author’s heart, the heart of an innocent girl who grew up knowing Lord Jagannatha (a powerful form of Lord Krishna worshipped in Puri, India) as a friend, companion, and protector, who was with her every moment of her life while growing up. Later in life, that devotion took a tangible form when her heart recognised that divine companion in a human form when her Guru walked into her life! No premonition, no warning.

Her Jagannath, who until then existed only as an idol inside her heart, showed his presence as a walking, talking human being named Mohanji! Mohanji became her mother, father, friend, Master, God, and a representation of all the Masters, past and present. Experience Mohanji through her divine experiences bestowed through Mohanji’s grace, that strengthened Mohanji’s living presence within her, expressing unconditional love in this conditional existence.

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