Meditation Asana (Mat) and Cushion


A beautiful and handy meditaiton cushion and a meditation asana (mat) that aids the practitioner in their spiritual practice. 


The meditation asana (mat) allows the practitioner to be grounded and protects and insulates the practitioner from negative, unsettling energies from Earth as well as protection against electromagnetic frequencies, so that their opposite magnetic pull will not impede the flow of the life current and consciousness, which they are trying to draw upward through the spinal centers to the higher centers of divine consciousness in the brain. 


The cushion is elevated towards the back to allow one to sit comfortably in an erect posture and perfrom a smooth practice of meditation, kriya, etc. The elevation takes the pressure of the lower feet to allow the practitioner to sit for longer hours. It is covered with with a double layer of fabric with an outer layer of mollino fabric and inner layer of cotton fabric. The outer cover has a velvet like texture which increases comfort and is removable and fastened by a zipper to allow it to be washed.

This allows to create an environment for meditation and other spiritual practices and allows one to energise them through daily practice.

Weight 1.00000000 kg
Dimensions 18.0 × 24.0 × 8.0 cm
Size (Big and Small)



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