Miraculous Days With Mohanji


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A book of mystic experiences with Mohanji by Rajesh Kamath

After a Master’s degree in Physics from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), I dived straight into a world of utter materialism for nineteen plus years working in information technology.  Ran the corporate rat race by day, and dabbled in comfort zone spirituality by night. Engineer by trade, Analytical by mind,  Wanderer by heart, Lost as a soul.  I had my separate material and spiritual worlds. Neatly compartmentalized and entered as per convenience.  That was until I met my spiritual Master, Mohanji and started travelling with Him. A journey of five years and counting shook my foundations.  The worlds collided, went topsy-turvy, and spun out of control

Join me in my walk with a Master on the road less travelled, expecting the unexpected, and making sense of the nonsense.

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3 reviews for Miraculous Days With Mohanji

  1. Suryasujan

    I wish to read the book written by Rajesh kamath mohanji ACHARYA.. mohanji I my school friend and batchmates after 39 years my baba connected me with mohanji from.tht day I came to know about mohanji ACHARYA Rajesh kamath he is also the confidential secretary of mohan I..travelling with a god like mohanji so I am excited to read this book.

  2. Radha Subramanian

    This book is a fascinating journey of a fiery soul with his beloved master – Mohanji. The book is bound to leave a lasting impression on every reader with a penchant for learning. I definitely recommend it to everyone who has an inclination or even inquisitiveness for the inner journey.

  3. Brinda Menon

    Faith and grace can move mountains :
    Completed reading the book Miraculous Days with Mohanji.Didnt feel like putting the book down. A MUST READ for all who want to know what gurus grace is all about..how many folds you receive and how much lighter it makes you feel. Total bliss.The author has made the most honest attempt based on experience only and as is,with the right amount of humour.I could feel each n every moment as though I am going through it.

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