Mohanji Protection Bracelet (Sandalwood)


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Bracelets hold a great significance in spiritual journey. It has been narrated and believed from ancient times that this piece of ornament is a constant reminder to carry out righteous and true deeds for the welfare of the world under Guru’s guidance. This bracelet is a symbol of unbreakable attachment and commitment to Para Brahma. It is in the shape of a circle which has no beginning and no end, like the eternal nature of God. Small removable beads attached to the bracelet depict of duality, dichotomy and balance existing in the universe. All important aspects like Ahimsa (non- violence) and Seva (Supporting the underprivileged) have been taken strongly into consideration. Wooden beads are hand crafted using eco-friendly colors by artisans with humble backgrounds and each piece created provides earning for the artisan

Mohanji’s Pendant which is attached to this bracelet has been designed on 9-gram pure sterling silver. This unique Combination of Divine number 9 and Silver holds a great significance and adds value to one’s spiritual journey. Silver as a metal is closely associated with the moon and composes the attribute of cool, calm, and soothing metal. It also vibrates to the Divine Feminine (Shakti) within each of us. It invokes intuition, dreams, love, protection and enhances the intuition, our psychic abilities, our right brain function.

This unique product by Divine M Heritage is bundled with love, blessings and the protective shield of Mohanji for you and your loved ones.


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