Mohanji Vibhuti Box


Vibhuti (in Sanskrit) or Bhasma or Udi (in Hindi) is the holy ash. Vibhuti is basically the residue of offerings during havan or yaganam by traditional methods in sacred fire. Vibhuti means glory, as it gives glory to one who applies it, protects from ill health and negative forces, and attracts the higher forces of nature. Vibhuti gets charged with positive energy and is favorite to Lord Shiva.

MOHANJI’S PENDANT has been hand crafted using natural plant based eco-friendly colors by artisans with humble background and with utmost sincerity towards the work. Each piece acts as earning to them.

MOHANJI’S blessings in the form of “M” symbol is intricately crafted to keep the sacred Vibhuti in a more secured and sacred manner for our daily usage.

Vibhuti box can be kept at the home or can accompany you along with your travel. It is suggested and mentioned in Vedas, that before you step out of the house in the morning, you should apply sacred ash at certain points to receive the divine blessings around you.

This unique product by Divine M Heritage is bundled with love, blessings and the protective shield of Mohanji for you and your loved ones.

Weight 0.20000000 kg
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