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Sanatana Dharma is unignorable. It is truth. It is the law of nature. This is the path of the Hindu, who is the one that lives a non-violent, balanced life.
Religions are made by minds; Sanatana Dharma is God- given. It is an operating method, procedure or system, which is as simple as the operating reality of the sun each and every day or the flow of seasons through a year. We can choose not to look at it, but we cannot ignore it. Truth is us; Dharma is that truth in action. — Brahmarishi Mohanji This book contains the pure clarified essence of all Spiritual Paths and Traditions that take Sanatana Dharma as their basis. Combining a flowing, powerful transmission text alongside stories and quotes from some of the greatest Spiritual Masters, Siddhas and Avadhutas of all time, this book is veritably a primer and a pre-initiation for all sincere beings who wish to dive into the Great Tradition of Total Liberation and, more specifically, the living Dattatreya Tradition to which the author, Jack H. Barratt, and his Guru, Brahmarishi Mohanji, belong.
This is not a book that attempts to point out the nature of spiritual truth through scholarly arguments, bookish knowledge or contemporary ‘non-dual’ platitudes. The material in this book has emerged spontaneously from the realised Heart of Reality Itself as a flow of potent spiritually empowered vibration. For sincere seekers and readers of pure heart, the twenty-four principles in this book offer not only a wealth of spiritual knowledge that can be applied to many different areas of life, but also a direct, profound experience of the very Nectar of the Eternal Truth—of Sanatana Dharma Amrita.

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