Crystal Chanting Mala (27 beads)


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USAGE :  ONLY for chanting, not for wearing purpose. To be used only by single person and needs to be kept safely in the pouch after finishing the chanting. The chant needs to be started from the darker side leading to crystal, completing with crystal side always.

PURPOSE:  Helps dispel all negativity and leads to the divine light of knowledge ( real absolute truth)

COMBINATION:  The purpose behind this very guided combination is that it reminds the seeker of the darkness which surrounds one by holding on to unnecessary emotions . This mala leads to better focus on mantra, not only fulfilling the purpose of mantra, but also strengthening the connection with the Divine.

HOW JAAP MALA SUPPORTS:  The semi precious natural stones are chosen to strengthen the focus of the seeker and uplift the consciousness of the same.

SMOKEY QUARTZ (13 beads):  Relieves stress , fear, jealousy , anger, and other negative emotions by transforming them into positive energies. It is a helpful stone for enhancing and encouraging inner strength.

CRYSTAL (14 beads):  Helps the seeker to meditate on the mantra with focus as well as calmness. Helps in generating positive vibes dispelling negative energies.

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