The Divine Couple: Lord Agastya and Devi Lopamudra


The powerful life and teachings of the peerless Lord Agastya and Devi Lopamudra. A must-have for thirsty spiritual seekers yearning to taste the Divine Nectar.

Few know the peerless Lord Agastya and His Consort, Devi Lopamudra, who lived through countless ages, upholding righteousness on Earth and vastly contributing to its knowledge and human evolution. Lord Agastya remains anonymous, hiding His true stature from the world. His Consort, Devi Lopamudra, is even more secretive, concealing Her role as the Universal Mother nurturing Earth and humankind. At fifteen, They blessed me by becoming my spiritual parents.

It took six and a half decades for Them to finally relent and reveal a tiny sliver about Them and Their lives to the world. Their endless grace and bountiful mercy made Them give this lifeline to humanity, desperately struggling to be free from suffering. I feel incredibly fortunate and deeply grateful to present Them in Their true majesty and grandeur, hoping genuine seekers will connect to Them with trust and faith as I did, taste Their Divine Nectar and march toward immortality.

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