I am Mohanji: Experience Sharing by a Disciple


The author narrates how the grace of her Guru has facilitated the activation of the Guru within.

Mohanji is a happening of an Avtar of our age. He is a pure manifestation of Supreme Consciousness. He serves as our point of connection to God.

Mohanji provides absolute clarity about the spiritual fundamentals. He gives miraculous guidance; A complete roadmap to reach the Ultimate Goal, Our Highest Possibility. He provides all the Energetic support needed to evolve. He even makes our enviorment conducive for our growth.

Mohanji has always believe in making more Masters than followers. Mastery means mastery over the mind. It is about our realisation as being Consciousness and dissolving our deluded identification as being a Personality.

Mohanji always wished to see so many more of his disciples become “Mohanjis”. His grace has facilitated the activation of the “Mohanji” aspect in the Author.

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