Pitru Paksha 2023

Pitru Paksha (29th September to 14th October 2023) is a wonderful opportunity to reduce lineage karma and improve the energy flow in our lives. It is an auspicious 16 day period to express gratitude to our ancestors by performing sacred ancestral rituals and annadaan (food donation).

Shirdi with Mohanji 2023

Overview Embark on a sacred pilgrimage to Shirdi with Mohanji, a journey that transcends mere physical travel. This transformative experience invites you to delve deep into your spiritual essence as you walk in the footsteps of Sai Baba, the revered saint. Mohanji’s guiding presence throughout this pilgrimage will as a beacon of inner peace and …

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Kailash with Mohanji

An unbelievable, magical pilgrimage awaits. A holy dip in Lake Manasarovar facing the awe-inducing Mount Kailash and, optionally, the outer kora (circumambulation) of Mount Kailash plus spending time in front of Mount Kailash on the auspicious Poornima (full moon) day in Shravan, the Hindu month dedicated to connecting with Lord Shiva.

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